Syria Shriners Ballroom ~ Lauren and Richard

The Syria Shiners Ballroom was a beautiful setting for Lauren and Richard’s reception. The music of Dreamscape created an atmosphere of fun and joy!
Photo courtesy of Michelle Fulton Photography
Dreamscape was absolutely GREAT at my daughter’s wedding.  We received many compliments and many asked us for the name of the group.  Tammi was especially wonderful.  She made my daughter feel comfortably prior to the wedding and during the wedding.
Thank you!

A place of ease and comfort prior to the wedding– sounds nice, right? So why not make finding a professional and experienced band that makes it so easy for you a top priority?! Lauren and Richard quickly found that Tammi and top Pittsburgh wedding band Dreamscape love to do just that– help brides have the stress free and fun wedding of their dreams. We’d love to hear more about your plans, and speak with you about how we can make those dreams a reality.