About John Parker Bands

For over 20 years –

John Parker has offered PITTSBURGH PA BASED live bands.

The bands YOU get are the SAME bands you see & hear on our sites.

(not some studio musicians who you’re never going to get)

(not substitute bands that are “kind of like these bands”)

(not one of 100’s of bands that all use the same name)

You will get THE SAME bands you see & hear here.

All actually FROM Pittsburgh..  What a concept.

the BEST Pittsburgh Function Bands for your Special Event!
We offer elegant amenities with a direct & personal level of service

A great band gives any special event an air of sophistication and an ambience that just can’t be beat. John Parker’s influence – given his unparalleled special event background and his penchant for customer service – takes our band’s overall delivery to the next level.

JP’s bands have the experience and polish to deftly handle the most complex and demanding situations, the finest weddings, the most sophiosticated corporate events, the most prestigiouse galas, and along with it the attitudes and flexibility to make the most of any issues. Hard working, smart, polite, friendly and intuitive, they conduct themselves in a way which is decidedly many steps above the norm for our business. The professional nature of the band’s conduct is matched with a level of talent, on stage personality and enthusiasm that is both endearing and contagious. And the net result? The very BEST parties & events – every time!

Just as important is how we help you best utilize our services. Leading up to events is all the expert advice, counsel & convenience of dealing directly with John Parker that you may desire. Having this level of first-hand contact and service available quickly and directly is a real comfort to anyone planning an event. Bouncing ideas directly off of experts who are performing for special events on a weekly basis – especially the same ones who will be performing at your event – and having those people be exceptionally responsive to your calls and emails is a level of service that we are proud to say is unequalled in this business.

About John Parker:

John Parker’s entire working life has been spent
in the business of music and entertainment.

John started entertaining at a very young age and was in his own band before age 14

He is a Family Man – Businessman – Entertainer, Musician & Arranger
(also a Race Car Driver, Surfer, Racquetball player and Scuba Diver – and to his kids, “Mr. Big Fun”)

Someone who gladly gives of himself to help others.

Sometimes Mr. Smarty Pants – But most times just a regular nice guy.