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Pittsburgh Wedding Pictures - John Parker Bands
Wedding Pictures - John Parker Band

Sheraton Station Square ~ Dreamscape Band Reviewed

Pittsburgh Wedding Band Dreamscape – was reviewed by Birchtree Photography Pittsburgh
Dreamscape Band at Sheraton Station Square

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer Mary Schwarz,  very graciously said “…these are only my personal opinions and experiences…no one is paying me anything (that’d be sweet, though, if there was such a demand for me reviews!). I just happen to go to a lot of weddings, and I know something good when I see it…or in this case, hear it!

Guests of Stephanie and Greg’s awesome wedding at the Sheraton Station Square were treated to a great performance by Dreamscape Band. If you decide to go with a band for your wedding entertainment, finding a good one can be tricky. Maybe the band’s repertoire is too narrow…or they just can’t seem to get people on the dance floor…or worse, they’re just not good! This was definitely NOT the case with Dreamscape Band. For example:

Not only did they know how to put on a good performance, their members are TALENTED! Seriously, you should have heard them singing and playing.  I was also really impressed with how hard they worked.  Everyone gave it their all. – And all the guests thoroughly enjoyed it! Me, too! So, if you’re looking for a good band for your Pittsburgh wedding, be sure to check out Dreamscape…”

Read Full Article & see pictures on Birchtree Photo’s Blog Here!

WOW – we are VERY flattered. – Thanks to all who help us in our quest to be better every day! – john

Please pass the toast!


John Parker Bands have performed at so many weddings, we’re practically experts on the topic! Music, of course, is our forte, but we can also help guide you through the rest of your plans!

Wondering about toasts?  Well here it is:   Generally, the host speaks first. Often that is the father of the bride, sometimes the bride & groom, & occasionally all parental entities. This happens usually early in the reception, preceded typically only by the first dance & possibly the cutting of the cake. In the most traditional setting, the father of bride welcomes his new son-in-law to the family, talks about his daughter, and welcomes the guests from all the places from which they’ve traveled.

If it is the Father of the Bride that has spoken, then sometimes, the groom then responds. He thanks his father-in-law for the kind words and often then thanks his parents for their making him marriage material. He (if he’s smart) often then thanks his bride for marrying him and he (again if smart) toasts the bridesmaids as well. I’d say I see the groom toasting in this way in only about 15-20% of weddings.

Next typically is the best man, and/or the Maid/Matron of Honor. Sometimes there are more of each of these. In this toast, the best man or maid of honor will, besides toasting the bride & groom, often attempt to entertain the guests, being funny and emotional all at the same time. Often times the best man is entertaining even when not particularly funny, so all in all a definite highlight in the scheme of any “toast-a-rama”. Though often I like to say “ladies before gentlemen” – personally I have found the biggest consideration might be who speaks the best. If one speaker is a natural & is going to blow the others away with their elegant or hilarious speaking skills… Do the rest a favor & save them for last! Likewise those who might be timid or have trouble forming complete sentences might be placed first.

STAGE FRIGHT: Sometimes a family member or friend may be too shy or otherwise unable to speak – we, in this case, have often been asked & are happy to read prepared remarks or toasts when the person expressing the are too shy or emotional to do it otherwise.

Others guests may want to toast after the bridal party has made their toasts. Brides & Grooms may be ok with a little, a lot, or none of this. This really depends on the wedding reception and how things are going.

Regardless of who’s toasting, sometimes you can just tell that it’s time to end the toasts and move on to something else. Groans, yawns, or sometimes outright snoring & especially objects being hurled at the speaker are solid indicators that it might be time to wrap it up.

We once had a father of the bride toast for almost a full hour. I’m just leaving that out there, figuring no further comment is probably needed.


So, here’s a wrap up of most common toasting choices:

• The father (or parents) of the bride

• The father (or parents) of the groom

• The best man toasts the bride & groom.

• The maid (or matron) of honor toasts the bride & groom.

• The bride toasts the groom

• The groom toasts the bride

• Other people toast

• the chef toasts the bread

Lastly – there are millions of pre-written toasts on the internet. Don’t even think about it. For inspiration it’s one thing. But use your own words. People will appreciate your sincerity more than anything else.

Here’s to the Bride & Groom!  🙂

Ask not why – rather, why NOT! :)

We have been to so many weddings it seems like we might know a thing or two about them.

Yet still I was reluctant to blog.  Who would want to read about our weddings or our thoughts about weddings generally?

But rather than continuing to ask “Why would someone want to hear about it…?”    – finally I have decided, “Why not?”  And here I am.   For better or worse.  (wow, that’s bad)