With all forms, it’s important to SAVE your work frequently. You can come back another day to continue to work on the form but SAVE every time you are in it.

When you are completely finished, press the SUBMIT button. We do not see your forms until you SUBMIT them.


With this form you coordinate all the specific details of your event using the interactive event planning form, including key events, names & pronunciations for any introductions, etc…

It is also important to note that any songs that you may write into this form for various happenings during the event can be potentially performed by the band IF in their repertoire, & would be played on CD iPod if they are not. Of course, you may specify the original artist’s version if that is your preference – Trust that this is not unusual at all for special dances – since the focus is 100% on YOU anyway. It’s important too to keep in mind that your just writing songs anywhere into the Planning form doesn’t notify the band, nor does it make them able to perform the songs 🙂 See “Music Requests” below for more info on this subject.

Also, writing changes of venue – or times – or any other significant information on the Planning form does not change any agreement between us – nor do we see that information until you “submit” the form & we review it… So for important changes like that you wish considered you should contact us separately ASAP. Likewise, writing ANYTHING you want us to know in the forms doesn’t convey that information to us until you press “Submit” and the information is reviewed by our staff. So again, if it’s important and it’s time sensitive – CONTACT US to be sure we can accommodate you. -Thanks!


Though you can list times on the planning form, this is another form to use if you wish to specifically create a simple sequence of events using the interactive event timeline.

Since you can include ALL events (including things not involving us) this simple timeline can incorporate ANYTHING – including when you plan to eat lunch – or get up.. use it as you wish! And it can be printed & given to anyone looking for the schedule of your events for the day. As with all of the modules, it’s important to SAVE your work frequently. You can come back another day to continue to work on the timeline. And when you are done, press the SUBMIT button and print any copies you want to give to others – like vendors or your venue.


IMPORTANT Requesting songs is optional: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REQUEST ANY SONGS AT ALL- You can just say”We just want our guests to have a great time & we trust you to make that happen”or “We like xx type of music” etc

For weddings most DO select a song to dance to for their first dance & parent dances – but quite often then leave the “rest” to us.

TO SEE ALL THE SONGS THE BAND CAN PERFORM: from the “Music Requests” top row (called “Song Search”) – look under “Browse” then click on “All Artists” or “All Songs” – ANY song found there CAN be added to your “Please Play” & “Play If Possible” lists.

ABOUT THE “MOST REQUESTED” LISTS: (Top 200, Top 1980’s etc) – IMPORTANT: the database that drives the “Most Requested” lists are dynamically updated frequently by a national polling service that we subscribe to that monitors requests for parties & events across the country, of all types & from many different groups of people & styles of parties. These “top” lists (top 2000s, top 1980s, etc.) are as selected by thousands of people nationwide–and do not mirror identically our geographical area’s & our demographic of clients’ tastes & individual lists. However, it is the best system we have found so far & typically gives some really great ideas of great songs to consider for parties. But the lists do change somewhat as people request songs week after week – as does occasionally our songlist. We currently perform approximately 80% of the 1000+ songs currently listed in the database & continually strive to reach 100% – BUT We can not & do not play all of them – It’s Impossible – That’s a LOT of songs. However you CAN “have it all” because ANY song you see here ALWAYS can be DJ’d by the band IF they can’t play it!

The bottom line here as far as what a band CAN play is; if you can successfully add a song to your Please Play lists, we can perform it! And if you add it to your “Custom Request List” we will play it on CD/iPod (see below)- but if a lot of people “Custom Request” that same song you can bet we get the hint & will soon be learning it!! It just takes a TON of time to put together songs, so we need to be smart about what we can & can’t do. For some it is just easier to pick or browse from the songs the band can definitely do – for that go to the “Music Requests” page top row (called “Song Search”) – and look under “Browse” then select “All Artists” or “All Songs” – ANY song found there CAN be added to your “Please Play” lists.


The best use for the song database is to see what the band can play. Again, you DO NOT have to request ANY songs. Most people select a few -say, a dozen or so songs that they love- to make sure they get played. And sometimes, they might ask the band not play a few of those songs they might really not like.

ON THE PLANNING FORM or in MUSIC REQUEST AREA notes – Consider: Rather than trying to pick or eliminate large numbers of songs – listing some generalities about songs – eg: “We love Motown & Oldies” – “We love fun 80’s” – “We hate Speed Metal & Hard Core Rap”- “We trust you to do what keeps everybody dancing” – “Whatever you do, no Hokey Pokey” …etc…

Very respectfully submitted, if you’re feeling the urge to micro-manage every song the band plays, you’re potentially severely hampering the band’s ability to do a good job & make it fun for all of your guests. Given the band’s extensive experience with a wide variety of audiences of all ages, the band is in a unique position to provide a “mix of music” that a variety of people at any particular event will enjoy or respond best to. We cannot count how many times clients are VERY surprised by what their guests request and respond to. Fortunately, most of our clients are happy when all the people at their party are having a great time!!

PLEASE PLAY: pretty simple – these are ones you’d really like to hear.

PLAY IF POSSIBLE: also simple – these are more songs you like & want the band to fit them in as the time & the flow of the evening permit.

CUSTOM REQUEST: if you add songs as “custom requests”, they will typically be played, time permitting, on CD/iPod – if it is a song that is being custom requested by a lot of clients, we add those songs to our rehearsal schedule & to our play list ASAP. Unless every other word is the N-word, F-word, A-word, or other wedding “bomb” in which case we’ll pass. Ultimately, we would love to play all 1000+ songs contained within this database– which is an impossible goal to perform live – but we still are trying as best we can!– & of course can DJ any of them we can’t do. Though currently, we are at approximately 850+ songs–& counting! That is a LOT of songs! In fact, enough for OVER 20 NIGHTS of music without repeating!

LEARNING SONGS: Many people have NO IDEA just how much time is involved in putting together new music & making it sound good. Learning a relatively simple song can take many rehearsals. A more complex song with orchestral parts & horn section parts can take days of just music scoring alone–not to mention many more rehearsals yet. And that’s without ever playing it at an engagement. This is in addition to doing multiple events per week and, occasionally, seeing our families. As a result, we are able to consider special requests for ONE “special song” (e.g. a first dance, a honorees theme song, etc. – not just a song for fun, or just because) And we consider it with a minimum two months notice – preferably more. We can sometimes learn additional songs, time permitting, with an additional rehearsal fee – which is determined on a per song basis.

To consider a song not on our list – we need a minimum of two months notice –preferably more. All of this arranging & rehearsing involves a LOT of moving parts & scheduling. Additionally, we need to be capable of performing/singing the song, that being as human beings, some songs are out of our vocal range, or they contain complex musical passages — & certain songs may have a tone or vocal range that may prove problematic – or language we are not comfortable with (or could offend guests) or are in a language are unable to speak. We certainly would inform you were that the case, & would in that instance perform the song on CD/iPod. The bottom line is, we are not willing to “throw together” songs, nor perform songs that are, for whatever reason, problematic. We do not want a bad sounding song, and neither should you!

We sincerely hope you understand this is the only way that we can fairly accommodate all of our clients – others of whom also may have special song requests.


This is so you can conveniently send a message to us directly from the client area.


Here you can see any requests your guests have made using the Guest Request link we sent you – presuming, that is, you have forwarded that link to others. Only people you sent the link to can request songs, unless you posted it on a website, in which case everyone following the link can, and this list is a tally of those requests including the number of requests for each requested song.

This list is separate from your music request list above. We have found this to be VERY successful when shared among many guests attending a party. They come to the event knowing they will hear something they like & had a part in choosing!

We hope this helps!